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This form help you to edit the infobox (the table at the top right of the article). You can edit the main content later using the edit tab and add more pictures

None of these fiels are mandatory (excepting family and given name), fill more as you can and save at the bottom of this form, you can fill in more fields later.

Family Name*
Given name or first name or forename*
🖼️ Import a new file

Please rename your file precisely before uploading. Not just logo.png or myimage.jpeg.

🖼️ Use an Image/Logo already uploaded on EverybodyWiki
Image caption Caption for image, if needed. Try to include the date of photo, some context, and the photographer if known.
Honorific prefix An honorific prefix preceding a Person's name such as Dr/Mrs/Mr.

Native name: The person's name in their own language, if different.
Birth name Name at birth; only use if different from name.
Birth place: Place of birth: city, administrative region, sovereign state. Use the name of the birthplace at the time of birth, e.g.: Saigon (prior to 1976), Ho Chi Minh City (post 1976). Do not use a flag template.
Birth date:
Residence: A contact location for a person's residence.
Other names:
🏫 Education: Education, e.g., degree, institution and graduation year, if relevant. If very little information is available or relevant, the
🎓 Alma mater: Alma mater. This parameter is a more concise alternative to (not addition to)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
💀 death place
💀 death date
Years active: Date range in years during which the subject was active in their principal occupation(s) and/or other activity for which they are notable. Use the format 1950–2000, or 1970–present if still active (note the use of an en dash, not hyphen). If no dates of birth and/or death are known for the subject, only a floruit date range, as is common with ancient subjects, this parameter can be used for it. If approximate (circa) dates are known for either or both, put them in the birth_date and death_date parameters.
🏙️ Occupation location
👔 Employer:
🏢 Organisation: Non-employing organisation(s), if relevant.
Agent: The subject's agent (individual and/or agency),
Known for: A brief description of what the person is notable for.Exemple : Environmental activism
Notable Works: Title(s) of notable work(s) (publications, compositions, sculptures, films, etc.) by the subject, if any.
🏡 Home town: The place where the person was raised and matured, if different from birthplace. city, administrative region, country.
💵 Salary:
🤑 Net worth: Current estimated net worth, if relevant. Please be sure to support with a citation from a reliable source, in the article body.
Television: Television programmes presented by or closely associated with the subject.
Title: Multiple uses: Formal title, such as First Lady of Japan for Akie Abe.; Awarded title, such as Mr. Olympia for Arnold Schwarzenegger.; Job title, such as President of Calvin College for Anthony Diekema.; A combination of the above, such as Professor of Mathematics and Fellow of the Royal Society for Bill Parry See also "awards" parameter, below, for awarded honors that are not really titles. A single award should not use both parameters.

Politicians informations[Page Forms permissions test]

Term: Years the person held the "title" listed above
Predecessor: Person who previously held the "title"
Successor: Person who subsequently held the "title"
Movement: If relevant. Movement can be social, political (non-party), artistic, philosophical, literary, cultural, etc.
Opponents: Notable relevant opponents (e.g., for major political office).
Boards: For board of directors membership(s), if relevant. Field labeled Board member of.

Other informations[Page Forms permissions test]

🏅 Awards: Notable awards. If many, link to an appropriate section of the article instead. See also "title" parameter, above, for awarded titles. A single award should not use both parameters.
Honors: Honours the individual has been awarded, if notable.
👩 Spouse(s): Name of spouse(s), followed by years of marriage. Use the format Name (married 1950–present) for a current spouse, and Name (married 1970–99) for former spouse(s).For deceased persons still married at time of death, close the date range with death year.
❤️ Domestic partner: For unmarried life partners (of any gender or sexual preference), not business partners. Use the format Name (1950–present) for current partner and Name (1970–99) for former partner(s).
👶 Children: Number of children (e.g., 3), or list of independently notable names. Names may be preceded by a number to show total children and avoid implying that named children are the only offspring. For privacy reasons, consider omitting the names of children of living persons, unless notable.
👴 👵 Parents: Names of parents. Separate entries using Template:Plainlist or Template:Unbulleted list. If subject has only one notable mother and/or father, 'mother' and 'father' parameters may be used instead
Relatives: Names of siblings or other relatives. Include the relationship in parentheses after the name (sister, uncle, etc). Separate entries using Template:Plainlist or Template:Unbulleted list.
Family: Family or house of the individual, if notable.

🌐🥚👍📷💼📺 Social networks and Website[Page Forms permissions test]

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